Burway Head Cancelled, No Worries, We Got This!

Unfortunately but not so unfortunately, Burway Head was cancelled today, which means our Juniors weren't able to attend their first regatta of 2017 :(

However, so they didn't miss out completely we decided to hold a small head race (club time trial) of our own from Northam Bridge back to the club, alongside the senior members of the club.

The plan was to do the 3km race twice as it is a relatively short course and there's no better training than racing, sadly due to weather conditions this was limited to once.

In all we had 9 crews racing and the results were as follows, the Junior Men's 4+ won and the times show the distance (in time) from the overall winners. We can't disclose too much info to our rivals ;)

Junior Men's 4+ (Winners)
James Foad 1x (+00:15)
Luke Williams 1x (+00:55)
Charlie Newbold 1x (+01:01)
Ladies Coastal 4+ (+02:32)
Boys J14 4x+ (+03:07)
Girls J16 4x (+04:45)
George Strong 1x (+05:18)
Men's Junior Coastal 2- (+06:00)

Although it took what felt like a lot of organisation to get people afloat today, it was great to see the club out in force on the water this morning and it's something I want to do more of in the future.

Well done to all those that made it out on the water and sorry to all those that were due to race today, we just couldn't accommodate everyone this morning at such short notice for safety reasons.

Remember keep training hard....The Head of the Stour in Christchurch is only 2 weekends away and I want to see some good results.